Saturday, January 2, 2010

Riding the waves in Greece !

Who could tell that we have such sea waves in Greece that you can surf on them !
The First Day of the New Year 2010 found me and friends and family south of Athens to enjoy the incredible weather havin' a coffee by the sea.
I noticed that it was a bit windy, then when we stopped by a small gulf near Vouliagmeni I noticed that the sea waves was not as usual. They were bigger, like swells and they smashed on the rocks strongly.
When we reached the cafe, we saw many people in suimsuits swimming, running, playing and a second later we saw many people in black uniforms with a surf running to the sea ... oh my ... the waves were big enough for surfing ! That's rare in Greece as it is a country of the Mediterranean sea which does not usually make oceanic sea waves that are good for surfing. That's why we have many windsurfers here, because we have winds but not such waves.
It is not happening often, but as I saw myself, it happens even in Athens !
It was great, I had never seen this sports before, some pictures here.
Enjoy :

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