Saturday, January 10, 2009

Metsovo - Μέτσοβο

Metsovo is located north of the Ioannina city of Epirus prefecture. It is a village known for the stone made houses at a high altitude and a winter destination for thousands of visitors.
During the winter months there is snow and low temperatures. There is a ski resort too.
Here are some pictures of the place above the village, about 2 minutes from the ski resort.

And a shot of Ioannina city with a view of the Mitsikeli mountain with snow and the lake and part of the city.
Now with the all new Egnatia Odos highway you can reach Metsovo from Ioannina in 50' min. when you needed more than one and a half hour before this.
Τωρα με την Εγνατία Οδό -που δεν εχει παραδοθεί και ολόκληρη ακόμα- η πρόσβαση στο Μέτσοβο απο Ιωάννινα γίνεται άνετα μεσα σε 50' λεπτά ενω πρίν ήθελε κανεις πάνω απο μιάμιση ωρα.

More pictures from that trip will be available later.
However, there is one more picture HERE :)

Περισσότερες εικόνες θα υπάρχουν αργότερα για δημοσίευση.
Ως τότε, δείτε μία ακόμα εικόνα ΕΔΩ :)
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