Saturday, September 29, 2007

Koufonissia Islands


Let's see some pictures drom the Koufonissia, those small Cycladic islands.
They are two of them, the Pano and Kato Koufonissi ( Upper and Lower )
Very close is the island of Keros where you can't go becauase it is protected place byt he Archaelogical Institutes.
Ας δούμε λίγες εικόνες απο τα Κουφονήσια, τα μικρά κυκλαδίτικα νησάκια.
Είναι δύο, το
Πάνω Κουφονήσι και το Κάτω.
Απέναντί τους η Κέρος, ενα αρχαιολογικό άβατο. Δεν επιτρέπεται να πας.

The pictures I present here are taken more than 7 years ago so we can see how the place was like, and give the chance to everyone who visited it recently to make a comparison.
In the photo above we see some caves ath the south side of the Upper island.
Οι φωτογραφίες είναι πάνω απο 7 ετων παλιές οπότε θα δούμε πώς ήταν τότε, και όσοι πήγαν πρόσφατα θα συγκρίνουν με το σήμερα.
Η φωτο επάνω είναι στην νότια πλευρά του Πάνω Κουφονησιού.

Small lovely ouzeri tavern at the west side of the island.
Ενα μικρό αλλα πανέμορφο ουζερί στην δυτική πλευρά του πάνω νησιού.

This is a shot of the "Italida" beach at afternoon.
Waters are usually very cold but with marvellous colors.
The beaches are also mixed nudists and textile so, you may see many others around you being nude :)
Η παραλία "Ιταλίδα".
Τα νερά είναι συνήθως πολύ κρύα, αλλα με πανέμορφο χρώμα.
Οι παραλίες αμμουδερές και συνήθως μικτές, μην ξαφνιαστείτε αν δείτε ολόγυμνους ανάμεσα σε .... ντυμενιστές !

Afternoon near the harbour. You can see Keros island on the left.
Απόγευμα στο λιμάνι. Απέναντι στο βάθος η Κέρος.

Lower ( Kato ) Koufonissi. The Nero beach.
You can go there only by a small local boat and get rid of clothes and other modern comforts.
If you're there, it's you, the sea, sun and the sky.
Perhaps one of the best places i've been in Greece, but if you go there and especially if you plan to stay there fo one or more days, mind you have water and some food with you.
There is no electricity and the only tree is that big one on the photo and a palm tree.
There is a nic tavern at the other side, at 30 min. walk from here, and mind to have a torch with you if you stay after the sunset.
Κάτω Κουφονήσι, η παραλία "Νερό".
Μετάβαση με τοπικό καραβάκι και πλήρης απαλλαγή απο ρούχα και άλλες ανέσεις.
Οταν είσαι εκει, είσαι εσυ ο ουρανός και η θάλασσα.
Ισως το καλύτερο ερημικό μέρος που έχω βρεθεί στην Ελλάδα.
Αν σκοπεύεις να μείνεις εκει, πρέπει να έχεις εφόδια, νερό, φαγητό, τσιγάρα και αναπτήρα.
Υπάρχει όμως καλή ταβέρνα στην άλλη πλευρά όπου πάς φυσικά με τα πόδια και φακό αν σε πιάσει νύχτα.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


it's one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece

we had been here during this summer

amazing crystal waters

on our way home,looking at it from above, we promised ourselves that one day we'll be back....
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Monday, September 17, 2007

Folegandros island

The small Agios Nikolaos church.

Folegandros is one of the Kyklades islands between Santorini and Milos islands.
It's white houses on the blue sea background compose a unique landscape in combination with the rocks. Many excellent beaches around the island are reachable only by boat.
There is one harbor and two main villages. Road network is short and you can go from south to north in minutes by car .This is a small hat, at Chora Folegandros, don't know what size of head is for, maybe a cat ?
At Angali beach.
At Agios Nikolaos beach.
'For Sale' at Chora
If i could pay for it, i'd absolutely buy that.
It was an old house with a great view 100m. above the sea.

More about Kyklades islands soon here and on Botsalo
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Sabatiki 2

a peaceful,too beautiful,little village
...Where we have spend 8 days of summer holidays...
at this beach had enjoyed lots of swimming after sunset... looking at the rising moon

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Epirus (1)

Epirus on the western mainland Greece.
Old stone bridge over Voidomatis river near Konitsa

Ai-Giorgis church at Mikhalitsi village, the Tzoumerka mountains

Old church of Ai-Giorgis celebrating right after Easter.

House 15 km south of Ioannina, near Koutselio village

Ioannina lake, night view of the mosque inside the castle.


At that terrible weekend,in which huge fires had spread all around Greece,and especially in Peloponese,on our way to Kiparissia,we had passed by Mesologi,a town of habitants

it was about 8 pm ,we stopped at the port and looked at the moon which was shining above

then came a unique sunset...
it was at the same time that mobile phone had rung telling us that fires had put a stop on our way to Kiparissia

everything was colored in deep orange-red....
like the fires which had already started to vanish Greece....

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Friday, September 7, 2007


What has been left in a big forest of pine used to be a popular place for campers...
....a sandy large beach was next to it...

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Thursday, September 6, 2007


These pics come from Peloponese, Ilia's district...on the way to Figalia village

10 days ago when we have passed by there everything was smoking...
it used to be a road full of pine and olive trees...

just the church was still safe...trees around were most burnt...some still in flames...
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