Monday, October 22, 2007


Some days ago ,when weather was still good,we had taken pupils out

Μερικές μέρες πριν ,όταν ο καιρός ήταν θαυμασιος και φθινοπωρινός,πήραμε τα πιτσιρίκια του σχολείου για έναν περίπατο στη φυση που υπάρχει..άφθονη στο χωριό

Out there we had a wonderful view at Lake Trihonida,the biggest of Greece

Είμαστε σ'ένα σημείο οπου η θέα προς τη λίμνη Τριχωνίδα είναι εξαιρετική

Big plane trees were around

Τεράστια πλατάνια έστεκαν τριγύρω

their leaves had started to turn yellow

τα φύλλα τους βέβαια έχουν ήδη αρχίσει να κιτρινίζουν

soon they'll be laid down ....

σύντομα θα έχουν πέσει κάτω.....

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Another spledid place to go for swimming in Arkadia of Peloponese.

Άλλη μια θαυμάσια παραλία στην Αρκαδία, η παραλία Τσέρφου.

Look how peaceful it is,it's full summer season but beach is not crowded at all.
This is the way that all beaces are looking silent, like you own the whole place...

Ως συνήθως κανενας συνωστισμος,ειναι κάτι που χαρακτηρίζει όλη την περιοχή,παρ'οτι είναι αρχές Αυγουστου

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Milos island

This a presentation of some photos from Milos island, one of the Cycladic islands.
I visited it a few years ago and since then I didn't have the chance to visit it again.
Typical cycladic architecture, narrow streets and white houses.
Peeble made yards and sidewalks, and a unique sea water colors !
The island is known also from the statue of Venus de Milo ( Aprhodite of Milos )

This is an old windmill repaired around which the owner made a pension and a small tavern.
It is up on a hill where you have a great view of sea and most part of the island.
Mind that Milos is not a small island and you need a car or a motorbike to drive around.

This is a view from a church at Plaka, the "capital" over Adamas town.
At late afternoon you can see a wonderful sunset from there.
This photo is taken to the east and the island's small airport is up left in it, where the hills are lower and you can see the sea again from behind.
Look at the houses ! Aren't they lovely ?

This photo is at Sarakiniko, a place where wind and waves sculptured astonishing forms on the white rocks. There is only a small sandy beach. Everything is white rock there !
You can dive from there but be careful and be sure it is deep enough at the point you select for a dive. Note that scuba diving-fishing is prohibited there, because the area is protected as an archaeological site. Many ancient ship wrecks was found in the sea.
However, you can enjoy swimming and why not, be totally nude ! It's fun.
There is no village close to Sarakiniko and you need a car to be there.
Park it and walk 2-3 minutes to go down.
This is a view of the harbor at Apollonia at afternoon.
Ouzo taverns are great there, cheers and hiccups !
What you see in the background is the island of Kimolos which is very close.

Other places that worth a visit are Glaronissia ( by boat ), Paleochora, Fyriplaka, and the Papafraggas cave.
If you ever decide to go there, i wish you have a nice time and don't hesitate to drop a note here if you need more information and we will help
Kisses and hugs
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